Password Requirements:

  1. Passwords must contain at least 8 characters.
  2. Passwords must contain a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and at least one symbol.
  3. Passwords must not contain the user ID.
  4. Passwords must not include personal information about the user that can be easily guessed: user's name, spouse's name, kid's name, employee number, social security number, birth date, telephone number, city, etc.
  5. Passwords must not include words from an English dictionary or foreign-language dictionary.
  6. Passwords must not contain proper names, including the name of any fictional character or place.
  7. Passwords must not contain any simple pattern of letters or numbers such a “qwertyxx”, “12345678”, or “xyz123xx.”
  8. Passwords must not be trivial, predictable or obvious.